Pills vs. Liquid supplements

Have you ever been on a supplement kick? You had a health problem, then read up on the vitamins and nutrients you thought would help, visited a GNC or VitaminShoppe and purchased several bottles of pills.

Then you began swallowing them every day. At first it was painful - so many are gigantic. But you figured you'd get used to it, and your health is worth any cost or inconvenience - right?

In time, as your health improved, you slacked off. Missed a day here or there, and eventually stopped.

If this is a familiar story, then a nutrient-dense fruit juice is for you. Drinking a juice - once in the morning and once at night, is as easy as it gets. Plus it tastes good, and it's only a 1 or 2 ounce shot which is one gulp. Rinse your glass and you're done.

Are you a juicer? This might be worse. The clean up mess, the large portions you try to drink, etc. It's just another problem that causes most of us to let the expensive juicer gather dust.

Fruit in a bottle is already made, you get it shipped to your home or office, you pour a "shot", gulp it down, and you're done. Order at least one month's worth and see for yourself.

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