Inflammation can fuel cancer

The "emerging view that inflammation... can fuel cancer" as stated by this article is the reason I've got a link to "The Inflammation Syndrome" by Jack Challem on the lower right of this blog.

Yesterday's article describes more evidence found by UCSF scientists of the negative role the inflammation process plays.

"We already know that inflammation accelerates skin, cervical and colon cancer, and most likely also lung and breast cancer," she said. "If we confirm that what we've discovered in the mice studies also occurs in human cancers, we may soon be in a good position to slow this cancer process using drugs already under study for severe immune disorders."

This is a major reason why I'm so excited about Acai based multi-fruit juices. Numerous studies have shown that eating a diet high in fruits can protect you against inflammation, which can therefore reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

No MLM fruit juice has been studied over a period of years, and none will try to become a drug, so you can't say they will prevent chronic diseases, or any other claims. But it certainly seems logical that as a blend of nutrient-dense whole fruits, containing a very high ORAC score, that it would have a very positive impact on your diet & health. There are tons of anecdotal testimonials from drinkers, but again, this is not scientific evidence. But by drinking a few ounces a day I'm adding approximately 4,000 to 6,000 ORAC units to my diet. I'm drinking my fruit, and an amount of fruit in a mere 4 ounces that far surpasses the daily recommended number of servings in ORAC value.

I've personally felt short term health benefits after starting my nutrient-dense fruit juice, so I feel confident I'll also have long term health benefits associated with a high-fruit diet. Only time will tell, but it's food that scientists and nutritionists are recommending, not supplements. Plus a fruit juice is far more convenient to consume than 5+ fruit servings a day. With all the science pointing to the benefits of a high fruit diet, juice is a convenient choice for me. Try one and see for yourself.

Glucosamine information

I'm not a doctor so I can't say one way or the other, but the below sites seem to say that Glucosamine has no severe side effects. If your doctor disagrees you should listen to him or her, or get a second opinion... from what I can tell it's safe... but there are rare diseases and circumstances that might be different for you.

This first site is in relation to Arthritis and has some warnings for Diabetics, those with Shell Fish allergies, and pregnant or nursing mothers. But the warnings seem pretty tame... but worth a read if you're one of those being warned:

Please note too, not all Glucosamine is from shell fish. There is a plant based Glucosamine, so do your research. Even Vegan's can now get Glucosamine if it's a plant based version.

This second site is and apparently is a Doctor's comments. He actually warns about Chondroitin sulfate and a blood thinning medication. But again not all Glucosamine is mixed with chondroitin - so you may just need to avoid Chondroiten. Here's the link:

One thing that is true for me that both sites warn about is how too much Glucosamine can cause stomach upset. This happened to me when I experimented by drinking extra servings of my juice. I can drink extra of the blend that has no Glucosamine without a problem.


Fruits' role in breast cancer prevention

I posted this article a while back... but it deserves special attention.

"Eating Fruit To Fight Cancer"

The woman interviewed is a breast cancer survivor, and now eats 21 different types of fruit per week. With only about 10% of American's even eating 5 or more fruit servings, this woman is probably representative of about 1% of American's.

Breast cancer, or any kind of cancer, would scare anyone into a "prevention diet" which scientists say fruit is critical. But not just any one fruit, a variety of fruits. Once again, this is the purpose of a multi-fruit blend and why Acai-only is not sufficient.

Don't just have Acai-only drinks or foods just because it's the #1 Super Food. Get a variety, and if you don't have the time, patience, or will power to eat 21 different fruits like the breast cancer survivor in the above article, then a multi-fruit blend is a convenient and healthy alternative since it is a Certified Organic blend of 19 whole fruits!!!