Fruits' role in breast cancer prevention

I posted this article a while back... but it deserves special attention.

"Eating Fruit To Fight Cancer"

The woman interviewed is a breast cancer survivor, and now eats 21 different types of fruit per week. With only about 10% of American's even eating 5 or more fruit servings, this woman is probably representative of about 1% of American's.

Breast cancer, or any kind of cancer, would scare anyone into a "prevention diet" which scientists say fruit is critical. But not just any one fruit, a variety of fruits. Once again, this is the purpose of a multi-fruit blend and why Acai-only is not sufficient.

Don't just have Acai-only drinks or foods just because it's the #1 Super Food. Get a variety, and if you don't have the time, patience, or will power to eat 21 different fruits like the breast cancer survivor in the above article, then a multi-fruit blend is a convenient and healthy alternative since it is a Certified Organic blend of 19 whole fruits!!!

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