Is this woman bananas?

The woman in this article eats 21 different fruits per week. No, she's not bananas, she is a breast cancer survivor and has heard that fruits can play a role in preventing cancer. If we all ate that much fruit there wouldn't be a need for a multi-frut drink. Then again, her variety of fruits is probably not as nutrient-dense as Acai, and the other powerful fruits only found in these latest juice blends.

Plus, given the loss of nutrients in the mass produced fruits most people eat, the 21 different fruits may also be depleted unless she's eating organic fruits. Finally, since most studies and health experts say she should also be eating 5 to 7 portions of these 21 different fruits each day.... that's a lot of bananas.

For some of us that's too much effort... shop for them, carefully select them, eat them before they spoil, etc. Just the sheer effort of eating that many fruits a day is too much for busy professionals or parents, and imagine getting children to eat that much fruit?

I only drink my nutrient-dense fruit juice... I've never eaten much, if any fruit. That isn't something I'm proud of, but it was my reality. And apparently the same is true of most American's since the average daily fruit consumption is less than 1 serving per day. In other words, MLM fruit juices are for everyone, and may also be beneficial addition to even this cancer survivor's diet. So don't go bananas... drink a nutrient-dense fruit juice instead.

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