Gel packs when you're traveling

Don't want to travel with a glass bottle full of your favorite nutrient-dense fruit juice? Hopefully they've got Gel packs. Whether you are traveling, or just need a convenient one serving size, Gel packs are a great choice.

But the value here is that you can pack these in a kids lunch box, take it to work, spread it onto your salad, or travel with it without having to worry about breaking a bottle. Personally, since I only do a shot in the morning, and one at night, taking it with me is only necessary when I travel. And so far I've packed the bottles in my suitcase trusting they won't break enroute. This coming holiday I shipped them ahead to my brother's house where I'll be staying... they get to try some, and I've got a bottle waiting for me when I arrive. But I'm off on a trip to Hong Kong and Thailand, so this time I'll bring Gel packs with me.

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