All antioxidants not the same

This article from Neutraceuticals World states "it seems every antioxidant has been lumped into one category, even though most have different functions."

I've personally found this confusing... health foods, drinks and supplements touting high ORAC scores, as the be all end all with NO specifics about their benefits - they tout them as cure-alls because of high ORAC scores. But eating Acai alone isn't enough.

The above referenced article states that "a wide range of pigments found in fruits and vegetables have high levels of antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins and proanthocyanins." A variety of fruits, with a variety of colors will provide all kinds of antioxidant sources and benefits, vs. just one or two.

Books such as "The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health" by Anne Underwood, James A. Joseph and Daniel A. Nadeau, and "What Color is Your Diet?" by David Heber speak directly to this need.

Few of the new MLM companies seem to have gotten this message. Only a few have several fruits, and fewer still have 10 or more different fruits with a variety of richly colored pigments and antioxidant sources. One size does not fit all, and even the best fruit juices aren't enough either... but it's better than what 95% of the American public is currently getting, especially if they're relying on one or two fruits, or some "goji" only drink (which is only Wolfberry), or just an Acai drink even though Acai is the highest rated fruit on earth for ORAC.

So get your variety... try one with as many nutrient-dense fruits as possible!!!

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