Bill Clinton & Wolfgang Puck drinking Acai based juices published an article entitled "Sumner Redstone's anti-aging secret". Sumner Redstone, the former Viacom CEO, who is worth $8 Billion. In the article he says he's turned "Just about every friend" into fans of this juice... and the list includes Bill Clinton, Wolfgang Puck, and cancer survivor Michael Milken.

While Mr. Redstone refers to this dark purple juice as a "miracle drug", please note, juices are "food". Only drugs can make health claims. It just so happens that most American's (and apparently some Billionaires) don't get nearly enough fruit in their diets... and far too many fruits on grocery shelves are nutrient-depleted compared to 50 years ago. MLM's try to build premium products with premium nutrient-dense fruits from around the world. You simply can NOT replicate these juices with the sugary drinks you find grocery store shelves... or even the fruits which are grown for taste... not nutrients.

For example, many diabetics can drink the juices put out by MLM's because they are low-glycemic, whereas most diabetics won't touch any other fruit juice because they have far too much sugar.

Add such dense nutrients via a natural food, and those with less than superior diets may be taking care of some of their nutrient deficiencies. EVERYONE says we should eat more fruit... most of us don't listen... so a nutrient-dense fruit juice is the easiest, and most powerful way that I know of to get fruit into your diet.

If you'd like to try the juice, I recommend buying a 3 month supply. Try a full "trial" to see if you feel an improvement in your sleep (as Mr. Redstone claims), in your energy, and overall feeling of well being and health.

If someone refered you to this site, get back to them and they'll help you order the one they think is best. Or, if you are also interested in the business opportunity, or in buying at "wholesale" prices, let them know you want to "enroll" as a "distributor".


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