Can juice end your pain?

Fruit contain natural antiimflamatory properties. People with aches and pains like Arthritis, back pain, fibromyalga, shoulder bursitis or impingement... and just about any other type of joint or tendon pain... may find that diet can help their pain. Some of the MLM juices also add natural anti inflammatory substances like Glucosamine to further target pain and inflammation.

Like any other claim, no one should state that any nutrient-dense or Acai-based fruit juice is proven to do anything... but many are providing personal testimonials of pain relief that they say only happened after making one, and only one, change... starting to drink their new juice every day. Personal testimonials are not scientific evidence, so my suggestion for anyone with pain or inflammation is to try a 3 month trial to see for themselves.

One interesting substance is "esterified fatty acids" which according to one company "are thought to reduce pain like symptoms and rapidly promote joint health, improving flexibility and mobility." Another company marketing a proprietary blend of esterified fatty acids under the brand name "Celadrin" (read about Celadrin here) calls it a "cellular lubricant" and label the product "inflame away". The Celadrin site also says their product it clinically proven to be more effective than the combination of Glucosamine & Chondroitin, but many still swear by Glucosamine which is a natural compound found in the body that is used to help make and form cartilage. But avoid cheap Glucosamine or the high "sulfate" versions... the "hydrochloride" version which has significantly more Glucosamine in it. And being in the juice, is easier to absorb and take then the horse-pill size gel tablets you would otherwise have to buy.

So a juice blend with fruits that have natural anti inflammatory properties, PLUS one with additional natural substances are a great way to try to end your pain naturally. But only you can tell by doing your own personal trial.

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