Amazing Personal Testimonial


My daughter-in-law, Megan Wolfenden, sent me a case of (name of product removed) from the new Australian warehouse that had just opened in April 2006. Megan was still living in the U.S. at the time and had just enrolled as a (name of product removed) distributor. She knew that I suffered from chronic arthritis in both hands, but particularly my right hand which was swollen to almost twice the size of my left hand and extremely painful all the time and she wanted to know if (name of product removed) could help me.

Normal household activities such as cleaning, vacuuming, cooking etc. were always very painful chores. Peeling veggies, lifting saucepans and plates from cupboards, nearly impossible. I could not fill my car with petrol and driving was a painful thing to do.

When looking after my grandchildren, everything I had to do, such as dressing them, changing nappies, picking them up and holding them brought sadness to my heart and tears to my eyes, as I knew the time was coming soon when I wouldn't be able to do it at all.

I had stopped playing tennis and golf and even swimming caused a lot of pain in my wrists and thumbs.

My osteopath gave up on me as an X-ray showed my right thumb joint was "bone on bone". He sent me to a Hand Specialist in Macquarie St. who told me I would have to have cortisone injections for ever, but that he could operate and give me a "joint replacement" in my right thumb which would stop the pain, but would result in limited mobility of the hand. I rejected the operation, and said I would think about the injections. He sent me downstairs to be fitted for hand braces to alleviate further wear and tear on the joints.

I had been taking glucosamine for about 10 years, drinking Noni for 7 years thinking both would help, but I had to take anti-inflammatory tablets to get through the day. I had been taking Voltaren, then Celebrex, then Vioxx (Doctors stopped those because of the dangerous side effects) and at the time the box of (name of product removed) arrived I was taking Mobic and 80 mgs of Micardis for high blood pressure daily. I also wore the ugly thumb and wrist braces from time to time, particularly when driving my car.

After taking 60 mls of (name of product removed) morning and night for about four days, I began to feel less pain in my hands, then to my amazement and delight, the swelling began to subside. By the time I had finished the second bottle of (name of product removed), my right hand was almost back to the size of my left hand, and my blood pressure had dropped to acceptable levels.

After everything that I had been doing with medication, supplements, chiropractors and doctors over the years all of which cost huge amounts of money, I could not believe that simply by drinking 60 mls of (name of product removed) Active twice a day there would be such a miraculous change to my health and lifestyle. I can now do all the things I couldn't do before because of the pain. Thank you Megan and (name of product removed) for changing my life.

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