Stress causes all disease: "The Secret"

If you haven't already watched "The Secret" it's a DVD I recommend. In Chapter 7 of the DVD, Dr. Ben Johnson (M.D. N.M.D. D.O.) states that ALL DISEASE is "the result of stress".

Hence, if we could eliminate stress, we could eliminate disease. Unfortunately, this is probably an impossibility, but we can certainly reduce stress and mitigate the damage done by stress.

But first, let's look at why stress causes all diseases:

One of the prominent and widely accepted theories behind stress' link to disease is that stress produces free-radicals. Free radicals are said to cause inflammation, aging, cancer and so on. So all the recent books on how inflammation is the cause of all diseases is actually in agreement with Dr. Johnson... but inflammation is a stress response!

It is also important to note that Stress comes in three forms:
Physical, Emotional, & Environmental.

Exercising, which is healthy for you, puts stress on the body. So while it's good, a person who exercises a lot should look for a means of fighting the free radicals that exercise produces.

The #1 cause of divorce in America is money-related problems... a form of Emotional stress. Car pollution, or the toxic metals found in some supplements (see below post) are Environmental forms of stress. Driving in traffic to and from work each day can be very stressful. So it's no wonder nearly every major chronic disease is on the rise in America given these few examples.

The good news is that I've heard anecdotal health testimonials from nutrient-dense fruit juice drinkers within each of the three stress categories... this even includes Emotional.... several people dealing with depression have said they feel an overall improvement in their sense of well being after starting to regularly drink their new fruit juice.

I mentioned Emotional stress due to money problems, and emotional stress due to commuting to work.... so I'd be remiss not to point out that this blog is dedicated to fruit juices sold via MLM's which also offer a home-based business opportunity with a potentially VERY lucrative upside (read ionlyneed2.blogspot.com for more on this) where you may be able to replace both your job and your commute within a year or so.

If Dr. Ben Johnson is right, and stress causes all disease, then we all should look to all forms of stress reduction, management, and towards our diet to add antioxidants from plant based foods (not necessarily supplements) to fight the free radicals that are thought to be the reason for the damage stress does on our systems. I drink an acai-based multi-fruit nutrient-dense juice to fight the free radicals produced by stress, and I do the MLM home-based business to reduce monetary and job stress, and I recommend "The Secret" DVD for it's mental approach to reducing stress.


Arthur said...

What about diseases caused by micro-organisms, chemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies or genetic abnormalities?

This site's author said...

I'd say to the "Stress causes all diseases" statement of Dr. Ben Johnson's that stress is caused by 2 things - one is deficiency, the other are toxins (I refered to toxins as "environmental stress). So a micro-organism is a toxin or an environmental stress, and chemical imbalances are either the result of a toxin or from nutritional deficiency... and any nutritional deficiency is a physical stress. I'm not sure I'd classify genetic abnormalities as "diseases". Although I suppose one could argue that it was a stress that was passed on. By the way, I'm not a doctor... I just quote them :)