Celebrities & Sports Professionals drinking MLM fruit juices

Major League Baseball won't let you see the video of the Chicago White Sox vs. Twins game where the Sox announcers explain how pitcher Dustin Hermanson credits a particular fruit juice with his return from severe back pain back to the Majors, and how they (the announcers) and their wives have gotten over various aches and pains helping their golf and tennis games. It's copy write infringement to host that video on YouTube or anywhere else... so now you know why it's missing. But you can read Dustin's story directly from him at his site.

Dustin Hermanson appears to be one of the first professional athletes... but there are many more, and growing every day. Another MLB pitcher is Jonathan Papelbon... voted "Red Sox Pitcher of the Year" in 2006 and made the All Star team that year as a rookie. His site can be found here. He's quoted as saying "As a professional athlete, I get calls and offers for lots of things," Papelbon said. "I only do those that I believe in..."

If you don't know Olympic Champion Wrestler Rulon Gardner... his story is incredible... beating the unbeaten and legendary Russian, Aleksandr Karelin in the 2000 Olympics. Rulon is now a MLM distributor... his site needs work though... scroll down and click on the photo of the fruits on his main site here.

MLM juices have made it to the Oscars... watch the back room video here.

If you haven't seen the Nascar crash of Geoff Bodine skip to minute 1:45 on this video to see his interview and the crash

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