Chocolate vs. Acai for Heart Disease & Cancer prevention

If you watch TV news you probably heard that Chocolate was recently shown to prevent Heart Disease and Cancer. Unfortunately, as general news sources do, they either mis-interpreted the study, or the public just heard what they wanted to hear - that they could freely eat chocolate. But check out this article clearly stating that it is NOT chocolate, but rather "flavanols" found in Cocoa. Chocolate is made from Cocoa, but merely containing "some" Cocoa while over loaded with Sugar and Milk Fat is NOT good. Yet another article found here states that bad harvesting and processing practices can signficantly reduce the flavanols in Cocoa - so you can only imagine what makes it to the American consumer product. After reading these two articles, I'd only eat raw hard chocolate which is harder to find - and NOT eat the candy packaged "Dark" chocolate brands.

So what are your options??? Well look at the list in the article I'm referencing. She states that "a wide variety of foods and beverages contain flavanols: Green and black tea, acai, pomegranate, cherries, apples, apricots, blackberries and raspberries, purple grapes, kale and many others." "Others" include Kiwis, blueberries, bilberries, Aronia berry and cranberries. Find these fruits in your high-antioxidant fruit juice and you'll get all of the benefits you need.

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