Sugar rush heaven from Jamba Juice

I LOL'ed reading this blog from "thedeliciouslife". $5 for a Jamba Juice drink that includes Acai AND you get a sugar high, caffeine rush, can't sleep for 3 days, and have to do a 45 minute cardio workout to burn off the 570 calories - of mostly sugar.

It's no wonder America is getting fatter and fatter. Afterall, you feel OK having that Big Mac for lunch because you started your day with a "healthy" Jamba Juice drink - one of which packs almost 2,000 calories in it.

Most people I speak to see the inherent value of a high antioxidant fruit juice, but for the next person who does tell me the one I drink is expensive, I'm going to have to ask if they spend $3.75 on a coffee, $5 on a smoothie, or $8 on a glass of wine?

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