Premium Fruit Juice - cheap by comparison:

In a vain attempt to duplicate the nutritional value of a multi-fruit, nutrient-dense, fruit juice with individual fruits and juices, I found I could only get half way there, at twice the cost:

1. 11 of the 19 fruits + Glucosamine costs a minimum of $253.78 every 4 weeks
I stopped at 11 fruits because the other 8 were too hard to find.... so it's probably well over $500 per month when you include rarer, and therefore more expensive, fruits. Plus I included 6 juices (not nearly as valuable as whole fruits) - Pomegranate, Cranberry, Purple & White grapes, Prune, and Blueberry juice. The fruits were Banana, Pear, Kiwi and Passion fruit. The cheapest powder form Acai and cheapest Glucosamine I found were about $30 per month each. Plus, $253.78 is ONLY 4 ounces per day of each of the juices, 1 piece of each fruit, and 2 ounces of Acai powder per day. This equates to $9.06 per day..

2. Average Starbucks Latte = $3.20 per day.
And this is if you only visit Starbucks once per day.

3. Pack of Cigarettes = $4.00
This site mentions a study that estimates the true cost of a pack of cigarettes at $40 per day due to increased cost of health insurance, increased medical care costs, and lost earnings due to "smoking related factors" among others. Using the same logic, but in reverse, an expensive fruit juice's health benefits are likely to lead to a REDUCED cost due to lowered health care costs - AND personally I'm finding work more productive with my increased energy which means I can earn more = and that is an effective lowering of your costs.

4. Pint of beer at a bar = $4.00

5. 1 bottle of $21 wine per week = $3.00 per day
Here in California we seem to consume a lot more than 1 bottle per week and/or pay a lot more than $21 per bottle, and the Acai berry alone is said to have 33 times more antioxidants than red wine grapes.

6. My health = Priceless
As I mentioned in my personal testimonial, I have more energy all day, a pain free shoulder, an overall elevated mood, and I sleep soooo much better. This new found health is truly priceless for me.

7. Competitors (they barely compete) comparison:

  • Goji Juice - only 5 fruits (and Goji is just another name for Wolfberry)
  • "Xango" or Mangosteen = $4.60 per day, has 10 fruits, but NO acai

  • Noni juice - only 1 fruit = $3.82 per day

  • NingXia (their brand name is another name for Wolfberry just like "Goji") = they recommend only 1 ounce per day which is $1.38 per day but NingXia has NO acai, only contains 9 fruit - only 2 of which are whole fruits.


Anonymous said...

A great new acai juice on the market is Bom Dia.

~2 servings of fruit per bottle and only $3.49 per day.

This site's author said...

well, this is just another juice with Acai and a couple of other fruits. I can't find any information the quality either. For example, does bomdia use the skin, seeds and pulp of the fruit where the majority of the nutrients and antioxidant are? Or does it just juice it? Does it pull out the essential fatty acids that are so rich in the Acai berry, or does Bomdia, like so many other Acai products REMOVE the essential fatty acids because uninformed consumers don't like the consistency of it? The entire beverage industry is jumping on the Acai bandwagon... but most are removing so much of what makes the Acai the #1 Super Fruit... and/or not able to source the berry quick enough and in the right way to keep most of it's antioxidant count which starts to deplete within 24 hours of picking.

Lots of tough hurdles for Acai based products to overcome... so if it's a cheap product, it's probably at the expense of nutrients and your health