Diabetes & fruit

A friend asked if her Diabetic father-in-law could drink a nutrient-dense fruit juice. After some research I discovered that the lack of fruit is a contributor to Diabetes. So as a Diabetic, getting fruit in your diet is important. The difficulty is finding fruit that is low glycemic. And in this case, a fruit juice that is low glycemic.

I started my research at the American Diabetes Association's site and this article on fruit. In general they are saying "fruit is good" but diabetics should be careful not to go over board. They should use blood glucose monitoring to see how fruit works in their body, so doing the same with a fruit juice is probably a good idea. I'm not a doctor, so don't take my advice and consult your own doctor if you have questions or are concerned.

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The bottom line appears to me that Diabetics should find a low-glycemic nutrient-dense fruit juice BECAUSE they REQUIRE better nutrition.

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