Glucosamine's health benefits

Glucosamine's health benefits have been studied over the past 20 years and that is the additiveI'm assuming contributed to healing my Shoulder Impingement.

There are quite a few opinions and studies about Glucosamine so I'll link to a couple of my favorite.

DrugDigest discusses studies in relation to cartilage deterioration, arthritis pain relief, healthy skin, healing of wounds, anti skin wrinkling, and Crohn's disease and other bowel problems. It also points out that Glucosamine can irritate your stomach, so taking the recommend dosage of 1500 Mg a day is ideal. Those allergic to Shell fish, and diabetics should be cautioned according to this report, so I encourage you to read this article if either is a concern. HOWEVER, there is now also a plant-based Glucosamine, so even Vegan's can now get Glucosamine.

Visit the Glucosamine Product Guide for information about dosage, and how much Glucosamine costs as a supplement - they say $30 to $80 per month, and you still want to get fruit in your diet.

This article, from the Arthritis Foundation, is similar to the first one above, but a bit more concise. Healthy drinking to you all. Finally, this page is full of links to various Glucosamine research pages.


Anonymous said...

I’m a pretty active runner, and so I started to take Gluocsamine

My whole body takes quite a beating, I was a little hesitant at first,
because everyone I know who was taking it was over 50, however, its been proven to help mostly everyone.

More info here:


This site's author said...

Running gives your joints a servere pounding, so I'm not surprised Glucosamine helps you, but you're site has it pretty cheap - $8 for a one month supply with shipping - and it's in "capsule" form. Liquid is far easier to absorb, and avoid the sulfate ones which have far less Glucosamine. Finally, many fruits are natural anti inflammatories, so a juice with nutrient-dense fruits and glucosamine is worth it's weight in gold